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Business consultancy

This is designed for hospitality businesses that are struggling to find a way forward in today’s difficult market. A mystery shopper visit is completed followed by a review visit. Aim is to address any problems with standards, financial controls and marketing. A full report and action plan is provided to the licensee and area manager if appropriate. (An independent pair of eyes looking at and advising the business).

Course examples

Examples of courses we have designed specifically for our clients, for groups of six or more. All courses below are developed in discussion with clients to ensure we meet their particular needs and present excellent value, for making the most of your business.

Making the most of Finance

Designed to improve licensees’ skills or give them new ones concerning financial management.  Course includes margin calculations, budget setting, understanding P&L’s and preventing margin erosion. Attendees are supplied with a support CD and work book to help them in their pub. (This has proved to be a very popular course).

Making the most from Beer

Designed to ensure licensees are getting the best from their beer offer. Course includes trip to the cellar to ensure best practice on cellar maintenance and line cleaning. How to get the best from keg and cask beers, how to market events that sell beer and merchandising. Attendees leave the day with a work book and action plan they have filled out during the event. (A great course that often highlights bad habits licensees have got into, can really improve wastage levels).

Marketing, Merchandising and Selling

Designed to improve licensees’ marketing and merchandising skills. An in-depth look at how licensees can market and merchandise their pubs and events, using various methods. Great tips for getting staff to “sell”. Attendees leave the day with a work book and action plan. (A course that really makes you sit up and think “I should be doing that”).

Developing Customer Service

Designed to help licensees get the most from their staff team and improve customer service through effective management. A great course for pubs with more than four part time, or full time, staff.  Attendees leave the day with a work book and action plan on how to build and run an effective customer service strategy for their pub. (Works well with licensees who really wish to involve the staff team).

Quality the way forward

A fun interactive course aimed at licensees and members of their staff team. The course includes improving retail standards, perfect drink presentation, keg, cask, spirit and wine. Merchandising and customer service are also covered. (Staff members really enjoy this day).

Pies, Portions and Profits

Designed to help licensees get the most out of their food operations from the marketing of the food offer through to the controls needed – “A handful of chips … but whose handful?” (A bit of fun, but with a purpose, during the practical food costing exercise).

CYA – Compliance- yours and your staffs’

Protect your business, reputation and licences – both personal and premises – with this one day workshop. Aimed at management, it gives attendees the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide training for their staff and the required documentation for compliance with the law.  (The support CD containing documents and templates helps with compliance and is an added bonus).

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