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If you are worried by your answers to the questions below – give us a call.

  • Financial controls – How much profit are you making? Do you know? Do you want more?
  • Marketing strategy – do you have one?
  • Merchandising – how often do you change your displays? Do you sell enough of your most profitable items?
  • Pricing – Is it right for your market/profits?
  • Promotions – how often do you run them? How do you know they are effective?
  • Catering and hygiene advice – are your food sales what you would like them to be? Are you making sufficient profits?
  • Legislative advice – how compliant are you? What are the penalties if you are not?
  • Retail standards – what do people say about your pub when they leave?
  • Hygiene audits – how do you rate on ‘Scores on the doors’?

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