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Much more than training……… is something we pride ourselves on and our proven track record of working with major national companies bears this out. Flexibility, professionalism, expertise, knowledge and experience as operators and the behind the scenes support, are all words our clients and trainees use about us.

None of us have appeared on Mastermind (yet) but within the Arrochar team we do have our own ‘specialist subjects’. We keep up to date with current trends and ensure our clients and trainees are aware of any new or changing legislation.

Some of our specialist subjects

Cellar, Drinks Dispense, Licensing, Employment Law and Human Resources, Finance and Stocktaking, Marketing and Merchandising, Hygiene, Customer Service, Catering, Compliance and Pre-opening training.

Join others who have boosted their businesses with our wide range of courses, see Making the most of your business – this includes our consultancy and support package which we have developed and delivered. Other examples are Making the most of BeerPies, Portions and Profits; 2012 – The Best Year Yet;  Marketing, Merchandising and Selling and The Perfect Pour through to Advanced Finance and Five day Induction training.

“Excellent intro into marketing logic”

“Very useful, good length.  I’ve come away with a lot of ideas that will be implemented”

“A useful relevant course, extremely well presented”

Delegates’ comments following a tailor-made Marketing & Merchandising course for a leading brewery company – 19 July 2012

In addition we deliver the majority of the BIIAB qualifications. From Level 1 courses through to Level 4 Certificate in Multiple Licensed Premises Management certificate for Business Development Managers which we helped develop with the BIIAB.

The choice can be yours, with or without qualifications.

Raising standards throughout the industry is part of our mission statement.

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