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June 16, 2017

Mike Foster

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Are you stuck in a job you don’t enjoy? Are you thinking of a new career? Are you already in transition?

If you want to change career, then where do you start and how do you decide if a new career is the right choice for you?

You may argue that you won’t know until you have tried it, but here are some tips and questions you may wish to consider;

Why are you considering a change of career? Do you have a shopping list of desired outcomes or expectations that the new career role must meet? For example this may be a list to ensure you have a lifestyle match or job satisfaction.

Ask yourself honestly; Do you really have to change career or job to change your life at work? Could more training and support be the solution rather than a change? Would a different employer impact positively?

Have you considered wanting to work in a specific industry or sector? If so, why? What are the real reasons you would prefer to work in that industry or sector compared to your existing?

What information do you need to help you make a decision? Is it role details? Employer information? Industry statistics? Industry predictions?

You may have an industry in mind, but what job role are you aiming for? Do you have a potential career path mapped out? At this stage do you need to remain open to a specific role in your preferred industry?

Are the reasons for change genuine reasons or have you just had a bad day or week? Are you really in the wrong career now?

Do you know what career you would like and in what industry? If not, how will you decide? Do you know someone with the job you would love? If you went back to school and started again, what would you be aiming for? If you had the right skillset and qualifications then what would you do? What do you love to learn about? Is there something that lights you passion for work? What excites you or what fuels your energy and can a certain career deliver this?

What is your experience of the career you are considering? Do you have actual work experience as a basis of consideration? If not, could you gain some work experience in a realistic environment to clarify your thoughts?

Do you know someone in the industry? Are they undertaking a role you are considering? What can they tell you?

Does your personality suit the industry of your considered career or the preferred role? What are the character traits that you may need to match and display clearly at interview?

What training will be available to help your change be as smooth as possible? Will you have to pay for that training or will it be funded by an employer or some other way?

What is stopping you making the change? Do you really want to overcome this hurdle or has it presented itself for a good reason?

Will there be a change of working style? Would the new career involve more or less responsibility and does that suit you?

What do you love most about your current career choice? Will that still be obtainable with a change and if not, is that ok or do you really need it?

Would the new career introduce different working hours? If so, what will be the impact on you AND those closest to you? For example, working shifts may change your sleeping pattern, but can family or friends adjust to the times you need to sleep that may be different to theirs?

What entry qualifications do you require to start a career in your preferred industry?

Is entry level sufficient for you or would you like to start higher up the career ladder? What is required to start at each level and do you have this?

There is nothing that is completely different, so what transferable skills do you have that you could take to a new career or industry and highlight in an interview to help you get that desired role?

If you were to choose a certain career, then do you have an ideal employer in mind? This may be as bigger choice as the industry you are considering, as the employer experience could make or break your initial period of change.

Don’t be afraid of making the wrong choice. You don’t loose your current skillset overnight! However, make an informed choice in balancing the pros and cons of your considerations.

At Arrochar Associates, we help individuals make the smooth transition to start a new career in the leisure and hospitality market. If we could help you, then please call us for a no obligation conversation about the support we offer with our training, knowledge, experience and expertise.

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