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News, views, current issues and the occasional little gem from the team at Arrochar Associates.

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Run a successful pub?

We all remember when pubs were busier, who else is after customers’ disposable income?

Don’t damage your wealth!

The Fake Britain documentary shown a couple of weeks ago could well mean your customers become more demanding

Law books

Age Discrimination

Age discrimination guidance 1 Oct 2012  includes overview of how ban will work & guides for small businesses, private clubs and the holiday sector

Boost your business

Attend 3 days of the highly effective Level 3 AHBM and get a fourth FREE.

Chalk and Cheese

To cap it all on arriving back in the UK in the early hours, I found my suitcase had been damaged.  My main challenge though was how to get home? 

New Tricks

It's a cliché, but getting “back to basics” and being able to look at a business with fresh eyes are things that even the most experienced licensee can really benefit from as you will see from a firm advocate who recently trained with us

Law books

Proposed revision to Live Music Act 2012

Changes to provision of live entertainment will come into force on 1st October  in the Live Music Act 2012.  For smaller audiences (less than 200) there will be fewer restrictions placed on those providing live entertainment.  

Celebrate achievement

We have been invited to a party! As trainers for the new BII Level 4 Certificate in Multiple Licensed Premises Management, we have been asked to the lunch celebrating the achievement of all thirteen BDMs who attended

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Blood, sweat and tears

This new website has been our own personal marathon (a long haul), steeplechase (occasionally it felt like wading through treacle, not water) and high jump (yes the bar was raised several times) all rolled into one.

Eton Dorney day of 1st GB gold

An Olympic experience

How a recent experience at London 2012 turned into thinking about teamwork, determination, training, focus and a vision of success in the hospitality industry.

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