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Ensure your VAT returns equate

The sales reported on your quarterly VAT returns should add up to the turnover in your accounts for the whole year.

Understand and use your true motivation in business

Why do people start their own business and what motivates them?

Test and Measure your marketing activities

From a marketing perspective, the key is to know which activities to focus on and what numbers to aim for.

When did you last SWOT

How often do you review where you are, your skills and situation, whilst also considering the resource gap in your business.

Are you using landing pages?

When placing an advert or quoting links on your social media, do you quote the relevant landing page on your web site?

Entering the world of hospitality

If you are looking to run a business or work for someone in the industry .....

What is working at height?

On my travels during the past week, I have experienced three separate occasions that made me think ‘That’s an accident waiting to happen’.

Are you child friendly?

So what is ‘Child Friendly’? Well it can be defined in different ways, but for many is ....

Win with awards

How can you maximise your efforts when entering or applying for an award?

It’s about the P’s

Many areas of our business can be related to those starting with the letter P........

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