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Are you socialising?

Go back five years and if we said 'Social Media' then very few would recognise the term.....

Know the industry benchmark

How does your hospitality business perform compared to others? What do your numbers look like .........

Follow your dreams with care

Many have dreamt of running their own business in the hospitality sector. After all, as a ..........

Love your business otherwise your customers will agree

Considering the hospitality sector has just enjoyed the benefits of celebrating Valentines Day, then I guess there is only one topic we can cover in this latest blog....Love. 

Planning your exit

We perhaps all run our business for a number of different reasons, but at some stage we will all exit our business.

Make the numbers work

Are you looking at the right numbers in your business? Turnover and profit are only a result of other activities.

Avoiding common injury

Slips, trips and falls, plus musculoskeletal disorders such as sprains and strains are the most common injuries in the hospitality industry.

Career change considerations

Are you considering a different direction for your career?

Changes to Driving Licenses

The paper section of the UK Driving Licence was replaced by an online record. What does that mean?

Motivation to support your goals

With the festive season past, then traditionally this month there will be many conversations and thoughts around our....

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